Bi-Kolor Kuts

A puzzle with both intriguing and impossible solutions. Printable pages for this unique paper cutting effect in a wide variety of themes.

$12 USD View

Shuffle Prophecy Pack

Perform the Shuffle Prophecy in close-up, parlour, and stage shows with three booklet sizes.

$23 USD View

Eleven Lecture Notes - Printed

Magicians Stop Rocking Too Soon! Let’s find opportunities to make your magic more. More entertaining, more clear, more magical. In these notes Ryan is taking old ideas further than that, to help you uncover what’s next for your own routines.

$15 USD View

Gozintalopes - Ready-Made Set

Have Gozintalopes made for you. This does not include access to tutorials or templates.

$20 USD View

The E-Y-E Trick

Edward Victor's E-Y-E Trick updated by Ryan Pilling and adapted to play big!

$25 USD View

Professor's Nightmare Rope Set

High quality nylon ropes made for magic that look good, feel right, and last for years.

$18 USD View

Printable Calculator Cards

A printable magic trick that allows you to read minds and connect with people.

$15 USD View

Turn It Up To Eleven - Digital Lecture Notes

Ryan's 2023 lecture notes with eleven tricks, from close-up to stage tricks, and short essays to encourage you to turn your presentations up to eleven!

$10 USD View

Show Me The Ropes

A series of lessons with both classic and original ideas for making magic with a piece of rope. Nearly three hours of video instruction, split into multiple topic-focused tutorials.

$19 USD View

Candy Cane Puzzle

Printable labels to turn candy canes into a funny gift and giveaway, customized with your name.

$7 USD View

Printable Card Tricks Booklet

Print your own book of card tricks, customized with your name and information. Makes a great giveaway or even a merchandise sales item.

$29 USD View

Printable Holiday Tricks Booklet

A printable booklet to customize for holiday events. A great gift, giveaway, or even a sales item. Comes with bonus videos to share with your customers.

$29 USD View

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