Candy Cane Puzzle

Candy Cane Puzzle

A Fun Giveaway Item That Will Spread Smiles and Joy in the Holiday Season

Add a new level of fun to the standard holiday treat with a “handmade” puzzle. (watch the video above if you don’t get it!)

This printable template will make it easy to create these little giveaway items, as you attach the printed tag to a standard bagged candy cane.


What you get:

This instant download gives you a printable template to quickly make the funny tags to attach to your candy canes.
  1. The “full version” with a fun written blurb on the back.
  2. The “blank version” removes the text on the back side, leaving room for you to add your personal message or logo.
  3. A “white version” that does not have the blue background color. Good for printing black-and-white, or on colored paper.
You get these three templates in both PDF (document) and PNG (image) format for easy use.

What you need:

  • Individually bagged mini candy canes. (Don’t get the ones that are shrink-wrapped!)
  • Tools: Printer, scissors, and stapler. (optional: paper trimmer)
Note: The full version is ready to print as it comes. To customize the blank tags you will need a basic understanding of a photo editing program… or simply use a pen and a photocopier!

The finished tags measure 3.5 centimeters wide (1.37 inches) and should be a reasonable fit for most bagged mini candy canes.


How to use them:

These make for a memorable and fun moment for people. Share them wherever you want to make a positive impact.
  • Give them out to everybody you meet during the holiday season. You’ll put a smile on their face. (or maybe a confused look!)
  • Add them into envelopes and packages. They can’t get broken… they can only get more difficult.
  • Put a bowl of them on your desk.
Buy this today, and be printing in minutes. No design skill needed. It’s done for you!

$7 USD

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