Gozintalopes - Tutorials and Printables

Measure twice, magic twice!

Gozintalopes, created by Ryan Pilling, is a routine where you can measure the magic. Small becomes large and the outside goes inside. It combines two topological illusions, one is brand new and it pairs so nicely with the classic Jastrow Illusion (a.k.a: Boomerangs) to make both seem larger than they are on their own.

You will receive access to an online course including a collecton of printable PDF templates, and comprehensive video instructions on how to make your own Gozintalopes for life!
This is a very basic level crafting project. If you can use scissors and a glue stick, you’ve got it covered.

Videos Included:
  • A full un-cut performance/demonstration so you can see it in action
  • Choosing a template (multiple designs to pick from) and paper suggestions
  • How to make the envelopes (a 5 minute project)
  • How to make the “Boomerang” pieces
  • Laminating your pieces for longer life (the quick and easy way, no special equipment required)
  • Handling tutorial to learn the routine
  • Instant reset option
As with all my courses, you will get lifetime access to any and all updates (new designs, presentation tips, etc.) on this routine.

Bonus Routine: Here to There Transpo

In addition to Gozintalopes, you get all the lessons on “Here to There.” A fun effect which has been tailored to fit inside standard Gozintalope envelopes. You will get all printable templates for this additional DIY magic project.

Fair warning, this one is a little bit more “crafty” than making the basic Gozintalopes. You will need a x-acto blade, and double-sided tape. However, it can still be done in about ten minutes, and I provide a full making-of tutorial video to guide you through every step.

$15 USD

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