Content Accessibility

Our promise to make our lessons accessible for magicians.

Lifetime Access for Customers

We strongly believe is this; when you purchase a digital item, you should "own" it. We want to make sure you maintain access to your content.

  1. Online products are "one-time-purchase," and will remain active on your account for the lifetime of this service.
  2. Video and text content, as much as possible, will be made available for download so you can save and store offline.
  3. Should you lose any content, and are unable to access it, you can reach out to us for help.

Comprehensive Instruction

The benefit of organizing our content into lessons ans segmented videos is that you can access the lesson you need, when you need it. All courses will aim to cover all ideas and techniques required to make magic. That means, if there's a card trick being taught, it will include instruction for a suggested method for controlling the card. We won't send you on a wild goose chase of techniques.

We try not to assume any prerequisite knowledge.

Video Captions

All video lessons will include captions/subtitles, which can be turned on or off in the controls of every video. This does require an extra step and may not be immediately available on newly posted videos, but we'll try to remedy it as soon as possible.

Financial Equity

Our products are priced for a North American audience, but we are aware that the relative value of a dollar is not universal. Magicians around the world should be able to benefit from quality instruction. If you are in need of a price adjustment which is fair to your local economy, please contact us to discuss.

Lack of Languages (English Only)

Unfortunately, due to our own lack of language ability, all content will be offered only in English. There have been a few occasions where individuals have volunteered to help make a translation of some printable items, and we can make those available to everyone.

Published: March 2, 2021

Access: Public

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