Bi-Kolor Kuts

Bi-Kolor Kuts

The most fun you'll get out of a paper cut!

This pair of paper-cutting effects deliver a nice combo of effects. the first is intriguing, the second impossible! Based on the Bi-Kolor Kut from Leslie Guest and Stewart Judah (circa 1930) re-designed for maximum visbility and unique new storylines. Plus Ryan's original second phase and magical finish for the routine.

Get access to Ryan's collection of original PDF designs for the Bi-Kolor Kut which you can print out and perform, with thorough video tutorials to walk you through every fold.
  • Cats & Dogs
  • Houdini Kuff King Kut (inspired by an idea from Alan Fisher)
  • Traffic Signs a.k.a. Turing Test (two styles)
  • Pepperoni Pizza
  • A Playing Card Reveal (of course!)
  • Blank template to design your own
  • Generic shapes and colours.
Note: If you saw Ryan perform this live, he may have done a third phase linking effect which is not part of this course. (not his trick to share)

$12 USD

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