Making Magic

Project tutorials and challenges to build your own magic props and accessories. From table-top crafting to workshop adventures.

6 Pages

Practical Tips

They may not be glamourous, but these tips will help your show be more practical, better to travel with, and make your magical life a little bit easier.

8 Pages

Creativity and Inspiration

New ideas come from new connections, new perspectives, asking questions, and challenging assumptions.

12 Pages

Ryan's Magic Creations

Original magic tricks and routines along with complete tutorials, downloads, and everything you need to start performing these for yourself.

8 Pages

New Ideas for Old Magic

Digging through the pages of old books and magazines offers endless inspiration for new tricks. These pages will be sharing tutorials on magic which may have been forgotten.

4 Pages

Theory & Thoughts Podcast

A series of spoken essays digging into the big ideas of presenting and making magic.

10 Pages

Promotions and Marketing

Use magic and fun stuff to promote your business.

4 Pages

Inside The Ring

Ryan digs into the archives of The Linking Ring magazine to shine a new light on forgotten gems.

2 Pages

Lost In Print

Ryan digs into the dusty pages of old magazines, lecture notes, and obscure books to rediscover hidden gems. Max Maven said "if you want to hide something, publish it in a magazine."

5 Pages

Training Courses

Deep dives into topics with multiple lessons.

1 Pages

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