Printable Card Tricks Booklet

Amazing Card Tricks You Can Do

A Booklet of Card Tricks, Personalized for Your Business Promotion


What This Is…

The Amazing Card Tricks You Can Do package has two parts. The first is a printable booklet, actually one double-sided sheet of paper folded up, that has four great card tricks. Each is fully illustrated and explained, and easy enough for anybody… even adults… to learn.

The package also includes a set of four tutorial videos. Each one demonstrates and explains one of the tricks in the booklet. (plus a bonus “trailer” video you can use to promote yourself)

Somebody who receives this booklet will be able to learn and perform these tricks using any deck of cards and if they do, it will put a smile on their face, and everybody around them.

But What It REALLY Is…

This is a marketing tool. You see, the booklet can be easily personalized and branded with your own name, business, website, and custom message. When you print them out they are uniquely yours.

They are a fun item that can be used as a gift, handed out, shared, passed around, but at the end of the day each one is covered, front and back, in your business contact information.

While you wouldn’t be able to share your business cards and brochures (or at least it would be inappropriate to do so) this booklet can sneak in like a Trojan Horse and deliver your marketing message under the guise of fun times.


Get the Printable Booklet Templates
and Shareable Video Series

  • Easily Personalize and Print Your Own Booklets
  • Unlimited Reprint Rights, use for Fun and/or Profit
  • Unbranded Video series you can share online
  • Both American (Letter) and European (A4) page sizes
  • Website Graphics and Bonus Tips
  • Lifetime Product Updates!

How Can I Use This For My Business?

Here’s some quick ideas to get your marketing brain going…
  1. Going to a party or event? Guess what, you brought party favors for everybody! You get a booklet, and YOU get a booklet…
  2. Learn the tricks. Show everybody! Afterwards, offer them the booklet to learn how it’s done and share it with their friends too.
  3. Post the videos on your Facebook business page. They are fun, quick, and certain to get some Likes and Shares. (even if you never print a single booklet, this right here is worth the money!)
  4. Send out fun and friendly email newsletters. Each week you can teach a new trick.
  5. Use the tricks and content to create your own personal videos. Have fun, share a laugh, and inject your personality.
  6. Use the booklets like greeting cards. (Way more fun, and more likely to be kept) You can customize the back cover message, or leave a blank area for handwritten notes.
  7. Create personal editions for your VIP Clients, customized with THEIR name. You will be their hero!
  8. Sponsor these free giveaways and take them to an event or organization that has a large family audience, let your marketing reach new people!
Honestly, doing any ONE of those things will make for a great return on your modest investment. Just do whatever it takes to get your message out there!
Buy this now, and you can have your first personalized booklet rolling off the printer within 10 minutes.

Questions and Answers

How Do I Customize The Booklet?
You get templates that have all the artwork and trick descriptions ready to go, with spaces to put in your name, contact information, and message. The PDF template can be personalized as easy as filling out a form, using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software. You also get blank template files that you can customize in your favourite editing program (Photoshop, Microsoft Office, etc.)

Can I Make Money With This?
Absolutely! First, I’m sure you can see the value in making sure every child, family and person in the room leaving with your contact information in their hand. (People WANT this booklet!) Beyond that, you can also sell this as merchandise, or event charge your clients to create personalized booklets for them.

Are they printed in full color?
The template is what I call “light color”… which means you can print them at home without using up a lot of ink. They also look equally sharp when printed in black and white for a more economical option.

What card tricks are in the booklet?
  • Four Robbers – Four Jacks lost in the deck magically “escape” by rising to the top.
  • Magnetic Cards – Two chosen cards come together in the middle of the pack, as if attracted like magnets.
  • Lie Detector – Nine cards are programmed with a lie, and automagically reveal the truth… and the chosen card.
  • X-Ray Vision – You call out the names of the cards they cut to without looking.

Isn’t this just for kids?
More than any of our booklets so far, this one is intended for older audiences, though it is still perfectly suitable for family audiences. These are really good card tricks that will “fool” adults, for sure!

How Do I Share The Videos?
You will receive all five video files, each one in high quality format for online streaming. You may choose to upload them to your YouTube channel, Facebook page, or remix them into your own video production. We’re happy to help if you have any technical questions about the videos.

What If I Get Stuck? Is There Help?
As a customer, you get direct email support from Ryan. (the guy in the video, and creator of this booklet) He can help you get things sorted out! Also, with lifetime product updates, you’ll be in the loop on any improvements down the line.

$29 USD

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