Show Me The Ropes

Show Me The Ropes

It's tough to beat rope magic for it's pack-small-play big ability. With nothing more than a piece of rope, and perhaps a pair of scissors, you can entertain a crowd with eye-popping magic.

These lessons dive into the history of rope magic over the past century. Not meant to be encyclopedic, but rather plucking out ideas which tickle my own magical fancy. Personally, I have no taste for those rope effects which appear to be complicated tangles. I aim for clarity in magic, and my selections represent this goal.

You'll learn tricky knots, vanishing knots, appearing knots, and ideas to turn the basic Professor's Nightmare into a feature-length three-phase dream routine. With a pair of scissors you'll learn all the secrets of a extra-clean and magical cut and restored rope. Plus more impromptu rope magic, stunts, and curiosities.

Of note, this exploration of rope magic specifically avoids the branch pioneered by George Sands and his Sandsational Rope Routine, which enjoys current popularity in the form of Daryl's Rope Routine and Richard Sanders' Fibre Optics. Rather, I'm highlighting some more overlooked magic and inviting you to do something you're less likely to see in the average magic act.

With this purchase you get members-only access to an online course with videos broken down into topics. Each video may be viewed online or downloaded for personal use.

In this course:

  1. Puzzle Knots (34 minutes) Starting with the classic G.W. Hunter Puzzle Knot (tying a knot without letting go of the ends) then continuing with five more variations and adaptations so you can keep your puzzled audience on their toes.
  2. Polarity Knots (20 minutes) Another puzzling piece where a knot does, or does not, form with no sneaky moves, and under your complete control.
  3. Dissolving Knots (18 minutes) Three knots vanish before your eyes, and are found on a previously un-knotted rope. Three unique dissolving knots are explained.
  4. Professor's Prelude (11 minutes) A magical preamble to add some extra magic with the individual ropes before your Professor's Nightmare routine.
  5. Professor's Nightmare (28 minutes) Covers the basics as well as four ways you can improve your handling, even if you've been doing it for 30 years.
  6. 3-2-1 Rope Trick (18 minutes) Three individual pieces of rope are tied together, then magically restored into one long rope. The perfect ending for your Prof. Nightmare routine.
  7. Edward Victor's Rope Routine (22 minutes) The grandfather of all modern cut-and-restored rope routines from the Magic of the Hands books. You may find something different, but you won't find one better!
  8. Convincing Cuts (13 minutes) Three techniques to finesse your cut-and-restored routine to add clarity, deception, and magic!
  9. Rope Penetrations (11 minutes) Impromptu ways to pull a solid rope through your neck, arm, and thumb.
This is already pushing three hours, and inevitably more lessons will be added (at no additional cost) as Ryan continues his exploration of the best rope magic has to offer.

Comes with the "Yer Gonna Learn Sumptin'" guarantee!

With a focus on classical rope magic, you may think you already know this stuff. However, I've had people tell me "I've been doing this trick for 30 years and you taught you me a better way to do it!" I'm confident this course has something to offer both beginner and veteran magicians, and I'll put my (your) money where my mouth is; if you go through the lessons and cannot find something new to work on, I'll give you a full refund. Fair's fair... if I didn't teach you anything, you don't own me a dime.

$19 USD

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