Printable Spooky Tricks Booklet

Spooky Tricks & Gross-Out Stunts

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A Printable Activity Sheet With Five Fun Tricks to Gross Out Your Friends

This PDF file lets you print an activity sheet with five fun magic tricks and stunts. One page, double-sided, that folds into a mini booklet makes it easy to print and hand-out as a gift, party favor, and it’s perfect for trick-or-treaters!

Print and hand them out at parties, events, among friends, or keep the secrets all to yourself and enjoy performing the tricks!

Each of the five tricks is illustrated, and explained. These easy tricks are easy for kids… and even easy enough for adults!


What You Get

  • Easy-To-Personalize PDF Form Template
  • Blank JPEG templates for use with your favourite graphics editor (customize to your heart’s delight!)
  • Five short videos, each demonstrating and teaching one of the five simple magic tricks.
  • Includes both US Letter and International A4 Paper sizes.

What You Can Do With It

  • Give it away as a fun promotional item
  • Give it to Trick-or-Treaters
  • Sell it as a “Magic Kit” item
  • Use it as a party invitation (put your event details on the back)
  • Teach a magic workshop
  • Add fun shareable videos to your social media

The booklet teaches these five fun, simple tricks…

  • Hear the sounds of INVISIBLE GHOST CANDY!
  • CRACK YOUR NOSE to the gross delight of friends!
  • Show off your own SEVERED FINGER! It’s alive!
  • Shove a STEEL SPIKE through your own thumb!
  • Make a SPIDER MAGICALLY JUMP across the table!

This printable activity sheet can be printed at home, or at any nearby copy shop. It is designed in full color (but not so full that it burns through your ink!) but it looks equally sharp when printed in black-and-white. Making it easy and economical to print and share.

$29 USD

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