Gozintalopes - Ready-Made Set

Gozintalopes - Ready-Made Set

IMPORTANT: This purchase DOES NOT INCLUDE INSTRUCTIONS. This is for the ready-made props only.

If you are not already familiar with Gozintalopes, you should begin with the full tutorial and template package. It includes all the instructions for the routine, as well as how to make your own envelopes. These ready-made Gozintalopes are offered as a convenience for those who don't wish to make their own.

These envelope sets are carefully handmade by Ryan. Crafted from plastic-laminated paper to be more durable and look good for as long as possible. Being that they are made from paper, they will not last forever if you are performing regularly, but will provide a generous smiles-per-dollar value.

Standard size Gozintalopes are 3.5 inches square. (9 cm)

Each Gozintalopes set includes two nesting envelopes, plus both 'Small' and 'Large' pieces for the Jastrow illusion.


Standard Red and Blue Standard Red and Blue

$20 USD

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