Getting Comfortable With Cards

This lesson is focused on building a strong foundation and getting comfortable with the basics of handling a deck of cards. There is no trickery or deception in these moves. However, you need to make sure you're doing the legit move properly before you can start to cheat. I wanted to make sure this course is useful even if it's your first time picking up a deck of cards.

Lesson 1-A Get A Grip

In this video: Dealer Grip, Mechanic Grip, Bridge vs Poker Size, Tension and Relaxation.

Don't take this for granted. I've seen magicians struggling to tackle a more advanced move because their basic mechanic's grip was incorrect.

Missed detail: When dealing cards it's the second and third fingertips, peeking over the edge of the deck, which allow a single card to pass over, while preventing the second card from sliding along with it.

LESSON 1-B Cutting Cards

In This VIdeo: Table Cut, Undercut, Kick Cut, and Estimation

LESSON 1-C Riffles

In This Video: Front and back riffle, Thumb riffle, Dribble (drop), and Springing Cards

LESSON 1-D Spread 'Em

In This Video: Hand to hand spread, Table spread, Pressure Fan, Thumb Fan.

Errata: In the video I repeatedly say "Spread Fan" for what is more commonly called a "One-Handed Fan".

LESSON 1-E Shuffles

In This Video: Overhand, Riffle, Weave, and Hindu Shuffles

If you want to master the perfect shuffle, I suggest Michael Close's Learn the Faro Shuffle Ebook available direct from his website.

TRICK Mephisto Prediction

by Charles Jordan

annemans miracles of card magic.jpg

This effect puts our basic card handling skills to work, but nothing further.

While it's important to know and understand the complete workings of this effect, you may want to skip to 17:22 for a quick method overview before digging in to the details.

Reference: This trick is published in Annemann's Miracles of Card Magic (1948), called "Mephisto Prediction" credited to Charles Jordan.

Alternate handling: If you don't like the descrepency in counting 11 + 1 cards, you can also choose to displace three cards rather than two as the joker is removed.

52 Card Dealing Rhyme

A silly little rhyme you can say next time you need to deal through 52 (or 53) cards.

Next time on Casual Card Magic...

We're going to start getting sneaky with some Card Control, which means secretly moving, or maintaining the position of, known cards in order to stay one step ahead of the randomness.

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Table of Contents for Casual Card Magic

  • Casual Card Magic In this course Ryan digs into a collection of sleight-of-hand card techniques suited for a casual, relaxed performance.
  • Getting Comfortable With Cards Starting from a solid foundation, looking at fundamental card handling skills. Nothing tricky yet, but future skills build upon these basics.
  • Relaxed Card Control A collection of techniques to gain, and keep control of a "lost" card with an emphasis on diffusing suspicion.

Published: June 4, 2024

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