The Black Magic Box

This lightweight “magic box” is an extremely affordable and versatile utility to help your magic show run more smoothly. While these exact boxes are harder to find now, the concepts and ideas are applicable to any type of prop box.

Part One

Where Ryan shows how he uses these folding cube boxes in his show, and introduces the "upgrade" that is the SKUBB box, and several ideas for organizing your props inside.

Part Two

Dumps, steals, prop management, and even the option for advertising!


SKUBB boxes

These are made with the SKUBB series of boxes from IKEA, which means they should be available worldwide! You can browse the SKUBB collection at IKEA to see what they have.

Update: Unfortunately, as of 2022, they no longer offer the large black boxes. At this moment they are available in white. I've tested several other folding boxes from IKEA and no others are built as sturdy as the SKUBB.

You may find similar closet-organizer or storage boxes that fold flat. However, I found these SKUBB boxes to be more durable than most, as they are made with a corrugated plastic inside rather than cardboard.

Published: November 9, 2018

Channel: Practical Tips

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Hi, I just wanted to thank you very much for all these great tips.


Great thinking by placing tape 'sticky side' out and let the magnet find it's own centre.. Solves the "Polarity" problem. If magnets were wrong way around, the sign would be 'repelled' al the time. Dynamike.


Indeed! Most of my tips are the result of making mistakes and finding a way to fix it. :)


GREAT tips. Thanks for sharing.


I appreciate your fine tips and hard work. Great job!


Great "SKUBB-Tips"!! Immediatly I went to the German-Ikea-Homepage, found them and... believe me: a compliation of 6 (!) different sizes for 5,99 € (9.90 CAD). Thank you for your tips!! Greetings from Germany & Happy Easter!

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