Square Hole

Square Hole

Part puzzle, part optical illusion, and presents as a seemingly impossible magic trick. This curious effect proposes to push a large card through a small hole, a feat which seems out of proportion. However, before their very eyes, the laws of physics appear to be bent to your will, and you do just what you said.

Like the classic "Trapdoor Card," this topological stunt is a brain-twister. It works equally well on video, on stage, or performed interactively while held in the spectator's fingers.

You can carry it in your wallet and present it as a bar bet, use it to hand out your business cards in a fun way, and it's very well suited for an educational or inspirational message.

There is no deception, no trickery, and nothing to hide, yet it still delivers a surprising effect!

You get everything you need to make a lifetime supply of hole papers, so you can use them for yourself or even as a promotional giveaway.

With this purchase you will receive:
  1. A thorough 45 minute instruction video. While you can learn the basic trick quickly, each chapter unfolds more ideas and possibilities.
  2. Three printable templates for the "hole" papers. Perfectly sized for Playing cards, business cards, and ID/Bank cards.
  3. Bonus video lesson for "Houdini Through A Brick Wall," an entirely new routine along with unique printable props.
  4. Lifetime access to the online lessons, which includes any future upgrades and additional ideas.

$7 USD

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