Professor's Nightmare Rope Set

Professor's Nightmare Rope Set

High quality nylon braided ropes to use with Professor's Nightmare and the 3-2-1 Restoration (as taught in the "Show Me The Ropes" video course)

Nylon ropes are smooth and soft, and don't pick up grime like standard cotton ropes. These are made to last and stay looking sharp!

Small rope sets are 6mm diameter, suited for Close-Up performances. Easy to fit in your pocket.

Large rope sets are 10mm diameter, made to be very visible on stage.

Each set includes three ropes; short, medium, and long. These ropes are ungimmicked. The ends are heat-sealed to avoid fraying.


Large / Stage, Yellow Large / Stage, Yellow

$18 USD

Small / Close-Up, Red Small / Close-Up, Red

$15 USD

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