The E-Y-E Trick

The E-Y-E Trick

Edward Victor's E-Y-E Trick updated by Ryan Pilling and adapted to play big!

The original trick was a standard packet trick, performed at waist-level for a few people. This new handling lifts the packet up to play to a large crowd.

You get all three sets of cards included so you can learn one routine and perform in any venue.
  • Poker Size (2.5 x 3.5 inch) fits in with your favourite packet tricks for close-up.
  • Large Size (3.5 x 5 inch) slips into a breast pocket ready for parlour audiences.
  • Jumbo Size (5 x 7 inch) makes the trick visible for large crowds.
Along with the custom designed cards, you also get;
  • Access to online tutorial videos (and you can easily download them for your own use)
  • Printed "cheat-sheet" instructions to follow along for easy review and practice sessions.
  • Ryan's original pun-packed script you can download, print, adapt and rehearse.
I want you to know what you're getting into. This is a not a sleightless or "self-working" handling, but it is well within the standard packet trick skill level. If you can do an Elmsley Count, you can handle this routine. Note that the Jumbo size cards can be a handful, and will require a bit more practice to work smoothly.

$25 USD

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