Eleven Lecture Notes - Printed

Turn It Up To Eleven - Print Lecture Notes

In the words of Al “Ginger” Baker: Magicians Stop Rocking Too Soon!

Let’s find opportunities to make your magic more. More entertaining, more clear, more magical. In these notes Ryan is taking old ideas further than that, to help you uncover what’s next for your own routines.

Thot Jot
Karrell Fox’s favourite mentalism opener made more impossible.

The Shuffle Prophecy
Simon Aronson’s “Shuffle-Bored” is given a more dramatic paint job.

Shuffle-Bored of Directors
A new handling for “Shuffle-Bored” for virtual and stage shows to get more people involved.

2-Die 4ce
A new, unique, and justified(?) method for a move-your-finger number force.

Polarity Knots
A unique take on Hunter’s Puzzle Knot with more clarity, and more head-scratching.

Cursed Coasters
A game of luck, and curses! An impromptu con is given a more satisfying conclusion.

Mix & Matchmaker
Adding a little more chaos to the Nine Card Problem, with a Valentine's theme

Today Is The Day
Mark your calendar to make a big deal out of a card trick.

Clear View Lasso
The classic card lasso made visible with a clear bag.

Duct Tape Card Sword
A classic magic stunt, impressive as ever, now more affordable. (and easier to carry)

Ring & Rope Touches
Two basic moves made more magicial.

Plus four short essays on presentation; FUN, POWER, REASON, and PLOT.
30 pages, stapled booklet. (plus access to a downloadable PDF version)
Written and illustrated by Ryan Pilling
November 2022                        

Bonus Videos and Downloads

You also get members-only access to some bonus video tutorials to see the moves in action , and printable downloads.
  • 2-Die 4ce - Printable template
  • Shuffle Prophecy - Printable prediction booklet
  • Shuffle-Bored of Directors - Video tutorial
  • Cursed Coasters - Video tutorial
  • Polarity Knots - Video tutorial
  • Ring & Rope Touches - Video tutorial

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