Safety Pin Tricks

Making Magic With Ordinary Every-day Safety Pins

Below you'll find a collection of lessons sharing some interesting old effects with safety pins. Unfortunately, these objects seem to be on the way out, but are still recognizable by the average person. Learn and perform these tricks while you still can!

Table of Contents for Safety Pin Tricks

  • Safety Pin Tricks A collection of lessons for new and old magical ideas with safety pins.
  • Phantom Pin Opener Two new ideas for a quick opening sequence for the Phantom Pin trick found in Tarbell.
  • Piff Paff Poof The grandfather of all safety pin tricks. Two linked pins are instantly pulled apart without opening.
  • Durham's Pin Thru Hank Pull a safety pin through the fibers of a cotton handkerchief, closely related to the more well known Phantom Pin.

Published: May 11, 2023

Access: Public

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