Inside The Ring - October 2022

Broadcast live on October 25th, 2022, Ryan attempts to learn and demonstrate far too many new tricks in one show! Hopefully you can find some interesting inspiration among the chaos.

Show Contents

  • 0:01:15 - Ryan re-introduces the show
  • 0:05:30 – Inspired by “The Sign” by Mary Tomich, M-U-M October 2002, pg 30.
  • 0:13:42 – “Patter for the Phantom Tube” by D. F. Allison, The Linking Ring, March 1923, pg 5.
  • 0:18:33 – Using a Phantom Tube as a Changing Device by Eugene Gloye, TLR August 2002, pg 81. (also mentioned in Feb 1979, pg 64)
  • 0:19:57 – More Phantom Tube ideas: “Russell’s Aqua Tube”, TLR October 1958, pg 59. “Mt. Vesuvius”, TLR January 1957, pg 75.
  • 0:22:50 – Untitled effect by “Bubby Kneel”, as told by Phil Willmarth reporting from the “Devil of a Bar & Pub,” TLR October 2004, pg 89. (new ending phase by Ryan)
  • 0:34:33 – “The Scribe” (coaster thru bottle) from Phil Willmarth, still at the Pub, in TLR October 2004, pg. 112.
  • 0:37:16 – “Ribbon Thru Coke Bottle” by Jack Bridwell, TLR September 1980, pg 80. (plus method variation by Ryan)
  • 0:40:18 – “No Move Card Stab” by Bill Goldman, TLR April 1991, pg 97.
  • 0:47:15 - “Blindfold Card Stab” contributed by, but probably not invented by, Frederic La Delle, TLR November 1927, pg 709.
  • 0:51:00 – “A Card Impaled” by Fred Lowe, TLR January 1951, pg 69.
  • 0:54:37 – “Comedy King Size Card Stab” by Roy Cottee, TLR August 1957, pg 66.
  • 1:00:14 – “The Haunted Padlock” by James J. Delmar, M-U-M May 1974, pg 488.
  • 1:06:46 – “The Minstrel” by Phil Willmarth, still at the pub, in TLR October 2004, pg 104.

How to verify your I.B.M. membership and gain access to bonus tutorials

­ I'm asking you to get your October 2022 Linking Ring magazine (which all members have access to) and do a little “book test” of sorts.

  1. Go to page 66 (my local Ring number!) and find the first word on the top of that page.
  2. Visit the Voucher Redemption page and enter that word as the code.
  3. If it's correct, your account will be granted permanent access to the "Inside The Ring - Season Two" group.

Table of Contents for Inside The Ring - October 2022

  • Inside The Ring - October 2022 This Halloween edition is a closet full of magical skeletons lurking in the pages of the The Linking Ring magazine.
  • Bill Goldman's "No Move Card Stab" Learn this impromptu card effect with a variation suggested by Ryan.
  • The Cursed Coasters Ideas from Bob Neale, Larry White, and Ryan combined into one routine about cursed luck.
  • Making a Phantom Tube It's craft time, as Ryan makes his second-ever Phantom Tube with dollar-store supplies.

Published: October 29, 2022

Channel: Inside The Ring

Access: Public


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