Sit Down and Be Noticed

I'm going to break rank for a moment and talk about close-up magic. I've done a lot of strolling in my life, my specialty being corporate banquets. While I tend to be moving more onto the platform and stage these days, the strolling is still a part of my working repertoire. This past holiday season I had two experiences that revealed a counter-intuitive secret about "playing big" with close-up magic. I found myself connecting better with my audience, creating stronger engagement, and consistently getting genuine, spontaneous applause! The big secret? *I sat down.*Usually strolling is standing up, table-side or just in a group of mingling guests. The tables are cluttered with plates if before dinner, and coffee cups after dinner. Every seat is taken. But at two strolling events I found the opportunity to sit among the people as I performed for them. In a strange way, the spirit of Slydini came to me. I was able to set down the deck of cards and gesture more enthusiastically I found myself banging the table to emphasize punchlines, both comedic and magical. My pacing took on a more interesting ebb and flow. All this from freeing up my hands and being at eye level with my audience. I was shocked at the change, and the positive response. I've never felt that same connection when standing at their table like an outsider. I look forward to the next opportunity to have a seat. If only I had one less syllable in my name, I could start them all chanting like **Bill Ma-lone!**Have you had a sit-down magic experience? Notice anything different? Leave a comment below.

Published: January 2, 2013

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I think that it is important to be able to do it all. Although the Grand illusion type of performance is not my thing, I could probably handle it. But I do stage and standup, strolling and sit down close up magic. I agree that there is a big difference between strolling and sit down magic.

Strolling magic is quite versatile, but is limited compared to sit down magic. I have a sit down close-up routine. I use some really big loads which could not be done standing.

It is important to remember that the audience thinks of you as a magician, and they expect you to do magic whether you are seated at a table, standing next to a table or just strolling.

Get good at it all and understand the differences. That's my philosophy.

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