The Play Big Manifesto

This blog is about the important half of the old saying "pack small, play big". I begin with a statement of where I stand, and what I think it takes to play big as a performing magician.

Magic tricks are just my excuse for being there.

I am an entertainer playing the part of a magician. My job is to make people laugh, smile and have a good time. To me, whether that happens from a magic trick or any other sort of song-and-dance seems irrelevant. Whether it's achieved with a card trick or a rope trick is even less of a concern. It's not what you do, but how you do it that matters. The Playing Big blog will be an ongoing discussion about HOW it can be done. ### Your show is the sum total of the choices you have made.

Magic is hard. There is a lot going on. The engineering of illusions, the psychology of deceptions, and the artistry of performance. Each and every choice you make along the way, be it practical or creative, influences your show. If you want to improve your act, then you must be prepared to re-examine many of the choices you have made over the years. A constant cycle of asking yourself the right questions and making better-informed choices is the only way to artistic growth. Sometimes it means admitting you were wrong. Other times it means sticking to it when everybody else says you are. ### Put yourself out there.

Whatever you do, it must be you who does it. Not some ill-fitting character that attempts to mimic a performer you admire, or a patchwork of put-on personality traits. Long term success as an entertainer comes from knowing yourself, and letting your unique personality or character drive your performance. To "be yourself" is one of the most difficult roles to figure out, but so comfortable once you find it. Playing Big is not a destination, but a journey. An ongoing mission to improve as a performer. To never stop experimenting. A desire to, next time, play bigger. Join the conversation. Post a comment. Share your ideas. What do you think it takes to play big?

Published: May 29, 2011

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Ryan, I'm glad you addressing this area. There is a total lack of performance awareness. All of magic literature is trick, trick, trick. The interaction and how you made the audience feel is what they will remember. I look forward to your other posts.

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