New Magic Book: Never The Same Way Twice

Never The Same Way TwiceRyan Pilling is writing a magic book, and you're invited to read it. Each month a new chapter will be launched, completely free as a digital download, featuring a fully written, photographed, and clearly explained routine from the stand-up and stage repertoire of Ryan's comedy magic. As a full learning experience, each routine will be accompanied by a "theory" discussion to dig into the background of the trick, and why it developed the way it did. You can look forward to an open book adventure through Ryan's live performance repertoire. Some routines are pulled right out of Ryan's current show, in addition to digging through the archives of his nearly 20 years of creating original magic. Most of the tricks are of the "pack small, play big" variety, designed for stand-up and stage presentations. There are plenty of surprises sure to come, as the book is a "work in progress". Here is a sneak peek at what's coming up...

The book is now in progress! Stay up with the newest chapters.

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Published: March 14, 2015

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