Daily Habits

If You Wanna Get Stuff Done For Tomorrow, You Gotta Do It Today

Obvious, yes, but this is still my number one struggle when it comes to reaching my goals. An endless stream of tasks seem to pile up and the important stuff gets buried. Today we’re focused on the little things that add up to make a big impact.

Video One: Day By Day

Big goals do not happen as side effects of our daily lives. They require focused action, choosing the most important tasks, and blocking out time to accomplish them.

In this video Ryan talks about some different concepts and techniques to help you plan your day to be effective.

Video Two: Daily Task Priority

Set up your day for success by focusing on the most important task of the day. Get the worksheet to keep track of what you need to do, and how long it takes.

EXTRA: Practice & Discipline

When it comes to being a magician there is simply no replacement for putting in your hours of practice. Some magicians are great at this. Personally, I have not been.

Here’s some ideas for how I’m tackling this challenge this year. I’m working hard to improve my practice discipline. Some Inspiration: Zen Pencils on Making The Time

Coming up next… Let’s Get Uncomfortable

Nothing is going to change if we don’t push ourselves beyond our comfort zone. In doing that we can anticipate a strong resistance, so let’s be ready for it!

Daily Task Planner

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Daily Task Planner - Printable

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Table of Contents for Make Magic Happen

  • Make Magic Happen Helping magicians reach their artistic and professional goals with a deep-dive into your motivation and planning.
  • Big Dreams We start by getting our dreams out of our head and onto paper, and look at why these dreams are still on our wish-list.
  • The Power of Focus Practical techniques to help you prioritize and pick out the dreams that you are ready to commit to for the year.
  • The Heart of Your Goals It's going to be a struggle, and this is what will keep you pushing through.
  • SMART Goals Serious progress demands serious goals. Use these worksheets to create goals that stick around.
  • Step By Step Action Plans Break down big goals into little steps that can be done without breaking a sweat.
  • Daily Habits You won't get anything done this year if you don't work on it today.
  • Facing Our Fears We can conquer our fears by making a plan of attack before we get scared.
  • Fail Forward Your willingness to make mistakes determines the speed of your progress.
  • Accountability You will work harder when you have to answer to another person.

Published: December 20, 2021

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