Effect: Five cards are displayed. The Jack, Queen, King, Ace and a Seven. In a snap, all five cards fully change into five Jokers, ending in a classic 'applause-cue' pose!

  • Five giant cards, nothing added or taken away.
  • Keep it in your case and it's ready to go on a moments notice. (great for MC's or as an "emergency time-filler")
  • Instantly re-sets right in front of the audience.

Jokery Pokery by Ryan Pilling is based on Alan Wakeling's Joker Poker from the book The Magic of Alan Wakeling by Jim Steinmeyer.

Table of Contents for Jokery Pokery

  • Jokery Pokery Five jumbo cards change in your hands. A quick card trick that plays big for your stand-up show.
  • Performance
  • Handling Step-by-step instruction for how to do the trick.

Published: February 24, 2021

Access: Public

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