Half-Baked: The Journal of Ideas That Aren't

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In July 2000 I travelled to Buffalo, NY for the IBM convention. Tucked under my arm were 100 copies of Half-Baked; The Journal of Ideas That Aren't.

I was there to hand them out, for free, to generate interest in what was, more than a magazine, a social experiment. Would magicians be willing to share ideas, to participate in a collective brainstorm session, essentially giving away their ideas to whoever wished to work on them? Turns out, yes!

I wrote, edited, and published the magazine from 2000 to 2003, delivering twelve quarterly issues. Each one full of unfinished magical ideas including presentation concepts, methods without tricks, and tricks without methods.

I was honoured to receive contributions from many stars in magic; Kevin James, Ben Harris, Wesley James, David Acer, and many more who would later become stars; Tomas Blomberg, Nathan Kranzo, Andi Gladwin, Luke Dancy... so many friends and contributors stepped up to participate in my crazy idea.

[/col] [col span__sm="12"] Creativity in motion inspires more creativity. Ideas lead to more ideas. When you flip through the pages of Half-Baked it is nearly impossible to not have your brain light up with new inspiration.

I had long planned to turn it into a book. My idea was to revisit all this raw material, reach out to the original contributors to see what, if anything, had developed, and juxtapose the rough ideas beside the polished, fully-baked tricks and routines.

That, itself, never made it past the Half-Baked stage simply for the large amount of work and the low amount of demand.

Instead of that, I'm simply letting it go free. Half-Baked can continue on its mission to inspire new ideas... only if it's in the hands of new magicians.

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The Complete Half-Baked

12 issues, 163 pages, dedicated to creativity in magic. Not just the notebook of unfinished ideas, but articles to help you develop and push your creative limits.

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Published: March 17, 2020

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Thank you for sharing so much. Your material is top-notch and very professional.. You are da man!



I would love to see a copy of this. Heard a lot of good about it. I hope your half-baked idea of taking the next step with it finds traction!

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