Free Illusion Plans from J C Sum

This summer has been educational. I've been peeking into the world of illusions, which for my 15 years in magic has so far been an unexplored frontier. One great resource in my learning to think like an illusionist has been J C Sum. He has made himself the leading source of modern illusion know-how with a series of books and a new DVD, which I recently enjoyed, called "Behind The Illusions". Being in the knowledge-sponge phase of my learning, I've also been following J C's blog and podcast for illusionists. Today he released a very special treat that you shouldn't miss. blade-pyramidIn his latest podcast, which gives some down-to-earth practical advice on creating your first illusion show on a $500 budget, he gives you a secret link to some free illusion plans. Yes indeed, he's giving away the whole design and building instructions for his original "Blade Pyramid" illusion, as pictured here. Even if you don't want to build this particular illusion, it gives you a peek inside the world of modern illusion building which has some details you aren't going to find in the Tarbell books. So if you're more concerned with playing big than packing small, I recommend you start paying attention to what J C Sum is up to. Here's some links for you...

  1. The podcast episode in question - Listen to the whole thing to get the link to the plans.
  2. Backstage Business - Subscribe to his blog for all the latest.
  3. - J C is creating the single best resource for illusion information.

And this means you can expect more posts in the future as I continue my journey of presenting illusions without compromising my character.

Published: July 27, 2011

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