Business Card Illusion

A Great Trick To Exchange Business Cards

About The Trick

This is Larry Jenning's "Close-Up Illusion", usually performed with three playing cards.

  • Lake Tahoe Card Magic (1985, p. 70)
  • Classic Magic - The Larry Jennings Video (1992
  • Easy To Master Card Miracles Vol. 6 (2004)

I am performing Geoff Williams' handling, which he calls "The I Hate David Copperfield Trick", as found on his Miracles for Mortals DVD set.

Tips & Tricks

From a business standpoint, it's really smart to collect other people's business cards. It's far better than just handing out your own. However, the catch is... you must follow up.

I suggest that you keep it breezy. Don't go for a hard sell. Just send them a note that says "It was fun sharing some magic with you at So-and-So's event...".

You may wish to have some simple fun teach-a-trick magic videos to share with people.

Published: November 9, 2018

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